SUM of cells that have formulas

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How do I apply “sum” on a column that have the results of a formula in it

For example I have on cell the value 56, but this is the result of Vlookup function, and when I try to sum, this value (56) is ignored in my total.

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The result of a formula can be a number or a text.
Obviously you can not make the sum of cells that contain text.
If the result of the formula appears to the left of the cell, even if it is a number, it is seen by excel as text, so it can not be gathered with another number.

Obviously, the “text” you see as a number can be turned into a real number.
To convert that “text” to the number, add “+0” or “* 1” (obviously no quotes) at the end (or at the beginning) of the function, which usually returns the text.

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